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How to Increase Software Team Productivity with Staff Augmentation?


A successful staff augmentation results in increased software team productivity. But, what must you do to ensure that your staff augmentation is a success? You must communicate, set roles and process workflows, use management tools, keep track of codes, and be flexible. It is a good method for decreasing corporate expenditures while retaining quality services, in addition to assisting your firm’s software staff in increasing efficiency. What exactly is staff augmentation, though? Employees augmentation is an outsourcing approach used by corporations, organizations, and companies to quickly increase their internal staff to fulfil IT needs. Continue reading to learn about the most effective strategies to boost software team productivity through employee augmentation.

According to Bloomberg, nearly 54% of firms throughout the world are experiencing a talent shortage. Human resource managers in 36 of the 44 countries say it’s difficult to attract or find skilled personnel for their teams. As a result, staff augmentation or outsourcing is critical, especially for software development services. Here are four methods to use staff augmentation to boost your software team’s efficiency.

  • Ensure clear communication.

The success of software development projects depends on effective communication. According to a recent Salesforce report, inappropriate collaboration is one of the causes of workplace failures for 86 percent of executives and employees. This is due to the fact that poor communication throughout the outsourcing process might lead to misconceptions, which can sabotage the software development process.

  • Define the role clearly and evaluate the overall workflow.

Defining each developer’s position in your software development project guarantees that all necessary tasks are completed on time and in a professional manner. Both external and internal developers must understand the project’s core concepts and how they fit into your company’s objective.

For your staff augmentation approach to be successful, you’ll need to implement a well-thought-out software development approach. The project’s precise steps should be understood by all members of the team. This covers all scheduled meetings as well as assigned responsibilities and who is responsible for them. The seamless integration of the augmented employees into your team is ensured by carefully documenting your workflow.

  • Document your code appropriately.

The backbone of any software application is good code documentation. At each stage of your project, you must guarantee that the augmented team keeps a detailed log of their code. Keep in mind that the program must be updated and maintained on a regular basis. This is why having numerous engineers who are familiar with the code makes it simple to identify and fix potential problems. Your organization and the expanded team should agree on a method for documenting code as a group.

  • Promote flexibility.

If firms support flexibility in the development process, augmented teams are simple to integrate. Various development methodologies, such as Agile, enable teams to remain flexible while still achieving their goals.

Working with a supplemented team necessitates some compromise. These groups frequently have extensive experience working with in-house developers as well as unique insights into development and workflow best practices. Encourage feedback and remain adaptable, and augmented teams will be able to assist in the identification of more successful working techniques.

  • Schedule meetings at a time that is convenient for everyone.

When you acquire employees through staff augmentation, they are usually from different time zones. As a result, interacting with them becomes difficult due to the disparity in your schedules.

It won’t be a problem if the time difference is only two to five hours because you can schedule meetings when both teams (your internal team and the augmented team) are available. If there are major differences, arrange daily or weekly meetings at a time that is convenient for both teams, even if one of them is off-schedule. You’ll be able to chat about your ideas, tasks, and other concerns on a frequent basis this manner.

  • Providing More Than Just Technical Insights.

A skilled provider has worked on projects of all sizes and with varied levels of involvement, from complete project control to executing particular tasks off-site to supplement your existing team. Each session includes an examination of your workforce infrastructure, with the goal of identifying the largest areas of opportunity for maximizing return on investment.

While software staff augmentation is an important part of decreasing expenses, hiring a fractional CTO positions your company for long-term success and growth.

Wrap Up

You can use staff augmentation to hire highly experienced developers. You must establish good communication, define roles and workflows, maintain adequate code documentation, and encourage flexibility in your software development strategy to enhance your team’s productivity with staff augmentation.

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