Staff Augmentation

5 Reasons Why IT Firms Should Consider Staff Augmentation Services


Information is your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Your firm will not be able to meet the demands of your consumer base unless you have a fully functional and skilled IT department. There are various reasons to explore IT outsourcing and managed services for staff augmentation, and there is no better place to look for skilled IT consultants than a managed service provider. We offer IT solutions such as cloud computing, data backup, business continuity, and cloud archiving to cover these gaps because small and medium-sized enterprises frequently lack the cash to hire a full-time IT department.

Common Problems Faced by Managers and Why They Choose IT Outsourcing

  • The project is simply too big for the team to handle.

There are periods in a company’s life when it is necessary to undertake a substantial system overhaul or data migration. These jobs necessitate a lot of effort, but they aren’t big enough to justify hiring full-time employees who will be fired after the job is done. Staff augmentation can be used to outsource this job to a skilled IT consultant, allowing a corporation to complete the project without burning out current employees or needing to acquire untrained temporary workers.

  • The rate of IT turnover has risen.

Perhaps the organization has seen a large exodus of IT specialists or is relocating and requires temporary help. IT workers skilled in subjects might be outsourced by a corporation. Storage solutions and VPNs are subject to Internet and government compliance (Virtual Private Networks). Because managed service provider staff augmentation services are modular, the organization can alter staffing levels as full-time personnel are hired.

  • Staffing on a cyclical or seasonal basis

Some businesses are seasonal in nature, and thus require a large number of employees during particular seasons but not nearly as much during the rest of the year. Bringing in fully qualified workers from a managed service provider can avoid the requirement for costly annual training in certain situations. The service’s plug-and-play functionality makes it ideal for these businesses.

  • Staff Augmentation to cover vacations

The vacation requirements of an IT department frequently clash with the company’s requirements. On a daily basis, a number of functional departments demand technical help. It may not be practical to afford for many IT technicians to cover vacation time in a small business. A corporation can provide its IT workers vacation time without disrupting the daily operations of the business by adopting staff augmentation to outsource IT needs to a managed service provider.

  • Utilization of Staff Augmentation for Specific Technologies

It’s not always possible to hire a workforce that covers all of the expertise in the IT field. When a corporation needs a specific skill, such as HIPPA compliance or VPN setup, for a short-term project, it is more cost-effective to use staff augmentation services rather than recruit an additional employee. All of these topics can be clubbed together under one broad heading: cost-effective staffing. It is feasible to maximize revenues and grow a firm efficiently when the cost of IT services is reduced by these plug-and-play approaches.  

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

  • Businesses save money:

    Organizations pay solely for the assistance they require during the project period, rather than recruiting full-time personnel at a long-term expense. Companies also save money on recruiting, payroll tax, job advertising, and resume review in addition to these cost savings.

  • Acquire the Necessary Skills:

    Organizations employ staff augmentation services to find the right people for the job once they’ve defined the particular capabilities they’ll require for a project. The learning curve will be minimal because these employees already possess the necessary skill sets. Almost immediately, this skilled and experienced team begins to make a beneficial impact.

  • Get the most out of your collective experience working on similar projects:

    Because short-term personnel have typically encountered similar potential roadblocks while working on previous projects, using staff augmentation has additional benefits. They’ve usually mastered excellent strategies and solutions to any problems that arise. Their experience with typical challenges adds a lot of value to firms that aren’t familiar with similar project issues and solutions.

  • Organizations Hire Unbiased Employees:

    A small–or strong–resistance to workplace change is a typical, debilitating issue among company personnel. This is a problem that even the most prestigious companies encounter. Longer-term employees frequently reject changes because “this is how we’ve always done it.” Many people may believe this after knowing how the improvements will benefit them. Because these project veterans maintain their unbiased focus on contributing to a successfully finished project, using staff augmentation eliminates most objections.

  • The Advantage of Flexibility:

    Instead of investing time and money recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training personnel for a specific project, businesses may use leading staff augmentation providers to respond rapidly to changing situations. A well-planned project’s chances of changing, expanding or contracting its scope, and/or encountering unanticipated roadblocks are genuine and occur frequently. These difficulties necessitate prompt, effective action, putting flexibility at the top of a project’s “must do” list.

Final Takeaway

If you’re an IT company, using the services of a high-quality external recruiting firm should be part of your talent acquisition plan. Rather than pushing these companies to follow your internal control regulations, take advantage of their ability to identify the greatest resource for you. Consider staff augmentation services as a long-term investment that will pay off in the long run.

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