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IT Staff Augmentation vs. Project-based Consulting

Now that you’ve decided to make some software, what’s next? Where do you even begin? Perhaps you’re not ready to embark on the huge process of building an internal team. Two of the most frequent methods for developing software are
staff augmentation services and project management consulting services. So, which is better for you: staffing or project-based consulting? Let’s have a look.

What is Staff Augmentation?

When you employ a company to cover gaps in your team, this is known as staff augmentation. The procedure is straightforward: you contact a staffing agency, discuss your project with them, and they identify the right people for the job. Those employees then come to your office to work. Their contract is for as long as you and the staff augmentation agency agree.

What is Project-based Consulting?

Outsourcing is another term for project-based consultancy. Your range of possibilities expands when you outsource. Using various platforms, you can hire a single person to work as a web developer. You might also try to save money by outsourcing your work to a foreign company. You can also hire a local software development firm to help you develop your software.

Benefits and Challenges of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation comes with a slew of advantages. You’ll have qualified developers working in your workplace at your convenience, on your projects. You have direct access to them if something goes wrong, and they may provide you with immediate feedback. If you already have a team, staff augmentation services can readily provide temporary personnel who can quickly integrate with your team by working in your office for the day.

Staff augmentation has many advantages, but it also has some substantial disadvantages. You’re increasing the workload on your HR and IT departments by hiring new temporary staff. Employee badges, desks, monitors, and other equipment are required for those employees. These additional costs can build up quickly, especially since hourly fees for staff augmentation are frequently greater than for project-based consulting.

Benefits and Challenges of Project-based Consulting

Project-based consulting is practically the polar opposite of staffing. There’s no need for HR, IT, or any other departments to become involved, because you’ll still get the same skilled developers working on whichever project you want. There is no need to provide desks or equipment because the developers will be working from their “home base.”

While project-based consulting has a number of advantages over hiring internal personnel or using a staffing firm, it does have some disadvantages. When dealing with a project-based consulting firm, their developers usually work according to their company’s schedule. This means they may not be able to respond to inquiries straight away, or they may be working on many projects at the same time.

Which Approach is Better For You?

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of each alternative technique, it’s time to make a decision. But how will you make your choice? Will you hire an experienced consulting firm to handle the entire project while you focus on your core company, or are you considering hiring an expert to assist your team?

Here are some things to think about that might assist you in making a well-informed decision:

  • Get to know your team: You’ll need to examine your in-house team’s abilities, capabilities, strengths, and shortcomings before deciding on any of the external resources. You should also consider how your team will react to your decision; will they be able to work well with a new team taking over the project, or will it demotivate them? You don’t want your unilateral decision to demotivate your internal staff.
  • Consider the firms: Now, if you’re more interested in project management consulting services, you’ll need to find out the work culture and people you’ll be dealing with. Examine whether the consulting firm has the necessary expertise and skills to execute the project, as well as whether they are willing to work with your team to track and share the status of deliverables.
  • Examine the budget: Given that both alternative ways are intended to help you save money, this is a significant issue. Check to see if the project funds allow you to engage numerous people for the project (which you may require for large projects) or if the project funds are sufficient to hire a reputable consulting firm.

Final Thoughts

The decision between staff augmentation and project management consulting services will eventually come down to your personal preferences and the facts of the situation. Some businesses prefer consulting services, while others choose to use consulting agencies to complete their projects. Whether you choose staff augmentation or consulting services, your ultimate goal should be to add more value to your company rather than just lower expenses (which will always be your first priority), such as improving team capabilities or diversifying your portfolio services.

About Digital Crafters

Digital Crafters offers flexible team augmentation services, and we can help you hire one or twenty developers, as well as other tech specialists like QA engineers and technical writers, to your team. We offer a variety of value-added services to enable a seamless integration of your remote development team and to support you in growing, in addition to augmenting your local personnel.

Staff Augmentation

How to Increase Software Team Productivity with Staff Augmentation?


A successful staff augmentation results in increased software team productivity. But, what must you do to ensure that your staff augmentation is a success? You must communicate, set roles and process workflows, use management tools, keep track of codes, and be flexible. It is a good method for decreasing corporate expenditures while retaining quality services, in addition to assisting your firm’s software staff in increasing efficiency. What exactly is staff augmentation, though? Employees augmentation is an outsourcing approach used by corporations, organizations, and companies to quickly increase their internal staff to fulfil IT needs. Continue reading to learn about the most effective strategies to boost software team productivity through employee augmentation.

According to Bloomberg, nearly 54% of firms throughout the world are experiencing a talent shortage. Human resource managers in 36 of the 44 countries say it’s difficult to attract or find skilled personnel for their teams. As a result, staff augmentation or outsourcing is critical, especially for software development services. Here are four methods to use staff augmentation to boost your software team’s efficiency.

  • Ensure clear communication.

The success of software development projects depends on effective communication. According to a recent Salesforce report, inappropriate collaboration is one of the causes of workplace failures for 86 percent of executives and employees. This is due to the fact that poor communication throughout the outsourcing process might lead to misconceptions, which can sabotage the software development process.

  • Define the role clearly and evaluate the overall workflow.

Defining each developer’s position in your software development project guarantees that all necessary tasks are completed on time and in a professional manner. Both external and internal developers must understand the project’s core concepts and how they fit into your company’s objective.

For your staff augmentation approach to be successful, you’ll need to implement a well-thought-out software development approach. The project’s precise steps should be understood by all members of the team. This covers all scheduled meetings as well as assigned responsibilities and who is responsible for them. The seamless integration of the augmented employees into your team is ensured by carefully documenting your workflow.

  • Document your code appropriately.

The backbone of any software application is good code documentation. At each stage of your project, you must guarantee that the augmented team keeps a detailed log of their code. Keep in mind that the program must be updated and maintained on a regular basis. This is why having numerous engineers who are familiar with the code makes it simple to identify and fix potential problems. Your organization and the expanded team should agree on a method for documenting code as a group.

  • Promote flexibility.

If firms support flexibility in the development process, augmented teams are simple to integrate. Various development methodologies, such as Agile, enable teams to remain flexible while still achieving their goals.

Working with a supplemented team necessitates some compromise. These groups frequently have extensive experience working with in-house developers as well as unique insights into development and workflow best practices. Encourage feedback and remain adaptable, and augmented teams will be able to assist in the identification of more successful working techniques.

  • Schedule meetings at a time that is convenient for everyone.

When you acquire employees through staff augmentation, they are usually from different time zones. As a result, interacting with them becomes difficult due to the disparity in your schedules.

It won’t be a problem if the time difference is only two to five hours because you can schedule meetings when both teams (your internal team and the augmented team) are available. If there are major differences, arrange daily or weekly meetings at a time that is convenient for both teams, even if one of them is off-schedule. You’ll be able to chat about your ideas, tasks, and other concerns on a frequent basis this manner.

  • Providing More Than Just Technical Insights.

A skilled provider has worked on projects of all sizes and with varied levels of involvement, from complete project control to executing particular tasks off-site to supplement your existing team. Each session includes an examination of your workforce infrastructure, with the goal of identifying the largest areas of opportunity for maximizing return on investment.

While software staff augmentation is an important part of decreasing expenses, hiring a fractional CTO positions your company for long-term success and growth.

Wrap Up

You can use staff augmentation to hire highly experienced developers. You must establish good communication, define roles and workflows, maintain adequate code documentation, and encourage flexibility in your software development strategy to enhance your team’s productivity with staff augmentation.

About Digital Crafters

Digital Crafters offers flexible team augmentation services, and we can help you hire one or twenty developers, as well as other tech specialists like QA engineers and technical writers, to your team. We offer a variety of value-added services to enable a seamless integration of your remote development team and to support you in growing, in addition to augmenting your local personnel.

Staff Augmentation

5 Reasons Why IT Firms Should Consider Staff Augmentation Services


Information is your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Your firm will not be able to meet the demands of your consumer base unless you have a fully functional and skilled IT department. There are various reasons to explore IT outsourcing and managed services for staff augmentation, and there is no better place to look for skilled IT consultants than a managed service provider. We offer IT solutions such as cloud computing, data backup, business continuity, and cloud archiving to cover these gaps because small and medium-sized enterprises frequently lack the cash to hire a full-time IT department.

Common Problems Faced by Managers and Why They Choose IT Outsourcing

  • The project is simply too big for the team to handle.

There are periods in a company’s life when it is necessary to undertake a substantial system overhaul or data migration. These jobs necessitate a lot of effort, but they aren’t big enough to justify hiring full-time employees who will be fired after the job is done. Staff augmentation can be used to outsource this job to a skilled IT consultant, allowing a corporation to complete the project without burning out current employees or needing to acquire untrained temporary workers.

  • The rate of IT turnover has risen.

Perhaps the organization has seen a large exodus of IT specialists or is relocating and requires temporary help. IT workers skilled in subjects might be outsourced by a corporation. Storage solutions and VPNs are subject to Internet and government compliance (Virtual Private Networks). Because managed service provider staff augmentation services are modular, the organization can alter staffing levels as full-time personnel are hired.

  • Staffing on a cyclical or seasonal basis

Some businesses are seasonal in nature, and thus require a large number of employees during particular seasons but not nearly as much during the rest of the year. Bringing in fully qualified workers from a managed service provider can avoid the requirement for costly annual training in certain situations. The service’s plug-and-play functionality makes it ideal for these businesses.

  • Staff Augmentation to cover vacations

The vacation requirements of an IT department frequently clash with the company’s requirements. On a daily basis, a number of functional departments demand technical help. It may not be practical to afford for many IT technicians to cover vacation time in a small business. A corporation can provide its IT workers vacation time without disrupting the daily operations of the business by adopting staff augmentation to outsource IT needs to a managed service provider.

  • Utilization of Staff Augmentation for Specific Technologies

It’s not always possible to hire a workforce that covers all of the expertise in the IT field. When a corporation needs a specific skill, such as HIPPA compliance or VPN setup, for a short-term project, it is more cost-effective to use staff augmentation services rather than recruit an additional employee. All of these topics can be clubbed together under one broad heading: cost-effective staffing. It is feasible to maximize revenues and grow a firm efficiently when the cost of IT services is reduced by these plug-and-play approaches.  

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

  • Businesses save money:

    Organizations pay solely for the assistance they require during the project period, rather than recruiting full-time personnel at a long-term expense. Companies also save money on recruiting, payroll tax, job advertising, and resume review in addition to these cost savings.

  • Acquire the Necessary Skills:

    Organizations employ staff augmentation services to find the right people for the job once they’ve defined the particular capabilities they’ll require for a project. The learning curve will be minimal because these employees already possess the necessary skill sets. Almost immediately, this skilled and experienced team begins to make a beneficial impact.

  • Get the most out of your collective experience working on similar projects:

    Because short-term personnel have typically encountered similar potential roadblocks while working on previous projects, using staff augmentation has additional benefits. They’ve usually mastered excellent strategies and solutions to any problems that arise. Their experience with typical challenges adds a lot of value to firms that aren’t familiar with similar project issues and solutions.

  • Organizations Hire Unbiased Employees:

    A small–or strong–resistance to workplace change is a typical, debilitating issue among company personnel. This is a problem that even the most prestigious companies encounter. Longer-term employees frequently reject changes because “this is how we’ve always done it.” Many people may believe this after knowing how the improvements will benefit them. Because these project veterans maintain their unbiased focus on contributing to a successfully finished project, using staff augmentation eliminates most objections.

  • The Advantage of Flexibility:

    Instead of investing time and money recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training personnel for a specific project, businesses may use leading staff augmentation providers to respond rapidly to changing situations. A well-planned project’s chances of changing, expanding or contracting its scope, and/or encountering unanticipated roadblocks are genuine and occur frequently. These difficulties necessitate prompt, effective action, putting flexibility at the top of a project’s “must do” list.

Final Takeaway

If you’re an IT company, using the services of a high-quality external recruiting firm should be part of your talent acquisition plan. Rather than pushing these companies to follow your internal control regulations, take advantage of their ability to identify the greatest resource for you. Consider staff augmentation services as a long-term investment that will pay off in the long run.

Get a sense of the consulting services offered by Digital Crafters, and contact us if you’d like a free consultation on your outsourcing requirements.

Staff Augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation? A Team Expansion Model


Staff augmentation is gradually becoming a catchphrase in the IT employment market, enticing more large corporations to recruit remotely. Read on to know more about what staff augmentation is, what it entails, and how to make the most of it.

What is Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing technique that involves acquiring qualified technical employees from outside your company to temporarily or permanently cover open roles in your team. It enables businesses to select just those applicants who meet their needs and to downsize or expand their augmented teams as needed. A large number of companies provide staff augmentation. IT staff augmentation companies can assist you, supplement your in-house development team with qualified technical professionals on a short- or long-term basis.

IT staff augmentation is a subset of general staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a sort of outsourcing service provided by an external supplier on a contract basis to supplement the current in-house team’s expertise and abilities. This technique entails assessing current employee capabilities and identifying what skills are required. These resources are hired directly by the vendor, which eliminates the expense and risk of creating new full-time personnel. Remote developers engaged through a staffing firm, on the other hand, are committed to just one project at a time.

Is Staff Augmentation Right for You?

It is right for you if – 

  • You already have engineers working on your product at your local office, but you’d want to expand your team by hiring a group of programmers to work on another aspect of it. You need to employ a team of 3-8 tech professionals, but owing to a skills scarcity in your area, it’s difficult. You recognize that local recruiting will take too long, and that, given the dangers and high market demand, this is not a realistic alternative.
  • You’re working on a software project with a group of programmers, and you need to expand your staff with fresh engineers. Because the group of specialists you want to employ is uncommon in your nation, you’re trying to broaden your search.
  • You work on your product with a project outsourcing business, but this model doesn’t work for you for a variety of reasons. First, you want to connect directly with your team on a regular basis, and second, you want to get to know your remote programmers so they feel like they’re a member of your local team. Both are necessary for remote teams to integrate with the local team and to be motivated to work toward a similar objective with you and your in-house team.

What are the Perks of Staff Augmentation?

  • Exceptional Productivity; In contrast to a project outsourcing team, which may manage many projects at the same time, staff augmentation allows for a greater degree of efficiency since developers are 100% focused on a single project. Working for a single customer and adhering to their large vision entails a higher degree of drive and commitment.
  • Security of IP Rights: All IP rights belong to you from the start of your collaboration with your dedicated developers.
  • Flexibility: You become more adaptable on two fronts:
  • From UI/UX designers and front-end developers to Scrum masters and product owners, you’ll have access to a diverse pool of IT specialists.
  • It’s considerably easier to replace a developer because the talent pool is larger, and you won’t have to spend extra money on the transition if you work with a staff augmentation partner. 
  • Cost Efficiency: The cost structure of staff augmentation is quite apparent. You will not be responsible for any administrative or organizational costs, such as office space, workstations, or other facilities. You simply pay a price, and the vendor takes care of the rest, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Other Models vs Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation –

With the staff augmentation approach, you have complete control over the candidates you hire and the strategies you use to manage them. Essentially, the vendor handles all organisational and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities and engage with your augmented team in the same manner that you do with your in-house engineers.

Managed Services –

The project outsourcing company is responsible for all parts of your project’s development, from forming a team with available developers to overseeing all operations on their own. You don’t require any technical knowledge in-house or to devote time to your remote development team. Customers don’t always know who’s working on their project, what developers are doing right now, or which decisions are made along the process when they outsource it.

Own R&D Centre –

You can open your own R&D center in a nation with a more favorable business climate and a larger pool of tech talent if you need to hire at least 40 people. To open your own R&D center, you’ll need to research the country’s legal framework, learn about its culture, and take all of the risks on your own.

Digital Crafters’ Staff Augmentation Services

Digital Crafters offers flexible team augmentation services, so whether you need to employ one or twenty developers, or want to add additional tech specialists like QA engineers or technical writers to your team, we can assist. Your engineers will focus on your product development full-time, with no other projects to divert their attention. You’ll be in charge of managing your developers, so they’ll feel like they’re a member of the core team. An HR/Client manager will assist you in facilitating the process if an issue develops that you or your augmented team need to discuss.

Apart from increasing your local staff, we also provide a variety of value-added services to guarantee a seamless integration of your remote development team and to assist you in growing your business.