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How SEO is Relevant to the Developers for Building Better Apps?


The job and responsibility of a web developer is much more than just designing and developing an application. Along with adding right set of features in the app, they also need to take proactive actions that makes sure to enhance the user experience. SEO and its relevance also fall under this category and incorporating its techniques is very necessary while developing the application if you want the app to perform well in the search engine rankings. This blog is a guide for the web developers to keep them updated on the latest techniques of SEO which they should be using while developing a web app.

Let’s go through the basics of SEO first –

What is SEO and Why is it Needed?

It stands for Search Engine Optimization, when any keyword is typed on browser, the search engine decides how to display the results i.e. which web pages will come in the first 10 results and which comes next. The algorithms of search engine use the stored data about each webpage and decides which webpage offer the closest content regarding the keywords of the user. You just need to convince the algorithms that your web page is the one that has the most relevant content the user is looking for.

In addition to the content, the algorithms display the website with best user experiences and as a developer, your accountability lies in the technical side of SEO. This requires some code additions, changes and tweaks for optimization. Now let’s go through the essential tips of SEO for the web developers. A web developer should keep these things in mind for SEO while developing an app –

  • Relevant HTML Meta Tags:

    The crawlers of search engine look for certain HTML tags on the web page to determine the type of content it is offering. The most important tags are the title and meta description tags. If the meta tags of a website are written by yourself, you also need to consider the relevance of keywords.

    • Keywords:

      In the terms of search engine, keywords are the short or long phrases users type in the search box. First, you need to identify the relevant keywords that will drive the users to your web page. Use those keywords in the most important places like web page’s title tag and H1 tag. They can also be used in other headlines and paragraphs.

    • Title Tag:

      The most effective position to place a keyword in a title tag is its beginning. It can also be used anywhere inside the title and it should not be longer than 60 characters including special characters and spaces.

    • Meta Description Tag:

      Meta description weigh less on the outcome of the ranking algorithm. Since it is displayed on the SERP and users get an idea about the content on the web page, it should be written in the way that the user clicks on the link to your web page.

  • Robots.txt File and Robots Meta Tags:

    The web developers should use robots.txt file to intimate the search engines to not crawl the pages specified in a file. If the crawlers are blocked from particular web page, this stops the requests of crawlers from overwhelming the server of app. The robot.txt file can also be used to prevent web pages from being indexed on Google or other search engines. The page could still get indexed if any other page is linked to the current page. You can add the noindex robots meta tag to the HTML code of the page to remove the indexing once and for all.

  • Follow and No Follow Links:

    A search engine crawler crawls the linked pages inside a page that it is already visiting. If you want to prevent a linked web page from getting associated with your site, then you can pass nofollow as the value of the rel attribute. If you want the crawler to now follow any of your links then instruct them in a single line on your meta robots tag.

  • Page Load Speed:

    This is one of the main aspects for providing an enhanced user experience to the users. As per a survey conducted by Google, the chances of bounce increase by 32% when page load time goes from 1 second to 3 second and increases by 90% when page load time goes to 5 second. Google made it as a ranking factor use in the ranking algorithm as page speed is very relevant in user experience. Google’s Lighthouse is an amazing tool to measure the performance of your site. It tells the accurate page speed in perfect network conditions and even in crappy connections.

  • Mobile Friendliness:

    Google took the mobile friendliness factor into its ranking algorithm as a mobile-friendly website offers an enhanced user experience. When the number of users accessing the web through mobile phones are all time high then no second thoughts should be given to transform your web app to serve the mobile users in a better way. The points you should keep in mind during this transformation are –

    • Responsive and Dynamic Design:

      A responsive design of the web app would have the minimum impact on the existing codebase. New viewport meta tags can be set for more flexibility for different screen resolutions. Using a dynamic design helps in serving different HTML content to desktop and mobile users after detecting the user-agent type requesting the content.

    • Mobile Subdomain:

      Generally, the subdomain has a similar name to or but it takes lot of effort and time in implementation. You should use a separate subdomain for the mobile users.

To Conclude

A web developer’s job description never includes SEO practices but considering SEO is a must to deliver a complete web app to the client. You have read the most important aspects of SEO on which web developers should focus. There are many technical SEO practices which impacts the ranking algorithm’s decision and these should be used by the developers to rank their website on the top of search result page.

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Email Marketing

5 Ways to Increase Your Email Engagement in 2021

Email Marketing – The most effective way opted by businesses to reach prospects and customers directly. It is a dedicated and outgoing plan which is the opposite of inbound methods of search and social marketing. Marketing is not just about the goals for your business and your team, it is about communicating what you have in your business to your audience. Keeping your audience at the core is very important for successful marketing. Provide your audience with such experiences that delight and surprise them every time which eventually builds a brand reputation for sending only the best content. 

Being the oldest digital marketing form, Email Marketing is often interpreted as outdated but businesses will miss out on so much if they avoid this tactic. Email campaigns are still widely used and have exceptional conversion rates if executed properly. There are several ways to find someone’s Email address and hence the ROI and targeting potential of Email campaigns are very high. This is the reason marketers always look for ways to enhance their Email engagement to optimize profits. 

What is Email Engagement?

Email engagement is determined by how the recipients connect with your Emails. Some of the engagement metrics include click-through rates, reply rates, open rates and conversion rates. It is equally important for Email marketers and sales professionals as well. Sales representatives want the messages on the Email to be read and replied to so that they can discover approaching problems and provide solutions. The marketers want the campaigns to bring in conversions and make recipients take action commonly on the Email list. Let’s take a look at various tried and tested ways to boost Email engagement on your Email campaigns and prospective Emails. 

  1. Write Irresistible Subject Lines: Undoubtedly, the subject lines are very important for obtaining Email engagement in both Email campaigns and cold Emails. It is the first impression for the recipient and also the deciding factor whether the Email gets opened. It was found in a study that the subject line with numbers and questions earned way more than the average open rates. More Email engagement is seen when the subject line addresses pain points, provides value, generates curiosity, generates FOMO and uses social proof. Some examples of compelling subject lines are – 
  •  “Why [Company]? And why now?”
  •   “What would you do with [Number] more hours per week?”
  •    “5 things you didn’t know about [Topic relevant to prospect]”
  1. Segmentation and Personalization: Selling in today’s world requires a more personalized and targeted approach. Many studies illustrated the power of segmentation and personalization in Email campaigns. It was revealed in a study that the Emails sent consistently at a high volume produced lower reply rates. Whereas, the personalized templates sent in low volume seemed to be more effective. The marketers have found that Email revenue can increase by 760% from segmented campaigns. It is time to ditch the one-size-fits-all campaigns and adopt a targeted approach. 
  1. Master the Art of Storytelling: Keeping your audience engaged is both an art and science. Stories have a very intellectual effect on our behavior and our brains and an ideal story is full of details, visuals and moves in real-time. It is more like making a move with words that will help in engaging your recipient and they will end up having more information with the story. For boosting Email engagement and enhancing your storytelling skills you should illustrate the main points, make them relevant, use presentations, combine facts with narratives, use metaphors and make connections. 

  2. Follow the Email Formula: The key for a successful Email campaign is to get the Email formula right. Each and every line must convince the recipient to go on to the next one. The appropriate formula is – 
  •     A Fascinating Opening
  •     Social Proof
  •     CTA

    Once you have got the right Email formula, save it as a template and reuse it. Present your idea with an eye-catching opening and create a chain of supporting sources, facts and benefits to create trust and convert attention into interest. At last, hook a CTA which will make it easy to move to the next step. 
  1. Create a Unique Experience: Your recipients are getting tons of Emails that look similar. To achieve high Email engagement and getting responses, you need to create a unique experience that they will remember. One of the most powerful ways to do it is attaching a video to your Email which gives them a human connection. Out of the world’s internet traffic, videos account for more than 75% and studies show that by 2022, it will account for more than 82%. You can show your human side in a cold Email even without creating a perfect video. You will set yourself apart in no time with these unique ways. 

    Final Words

    Improve Email engagement by knowing what is working and what is not. The Email marketing campaign is effective when the subscribers are kept engaged. Follow the above tips to make the Emails more captivating and personalize them as per your subscriber’s needs.

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