Data Enginering and Analytics

At Digital Crafters, we offer a comprehensive suite of data engineering and analytics solutions to empower businesses in harnessing the full potential of their data assets.

Business Intelligence/Analytics

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment: Seamlessly integrate Tableau into your existing infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-premises, for powerful data visualization and analytics. 

Admin/Development: Expert support in Tableau administration and development to optimize performance and enhance user experience. 

Power BI Development: Leverage Microsoft's Power BI platform to transform your raw data into actionable insights with our expert development services. 


Snowflake: Implement Snowflake, the cloud-based data platform, to effortlessly store and analyze vast amounts of data while ensuring scalability and performance. 

AWS Redshift: Utilize Amazon Redshift to efficiently manage and analyze large datasets with high-performance querying and scalable data warehousing solutions. 

SQL Servers on Azure: Benefit from Microsoft Azure's SQL Server offerings for secure, reliable, and scalable data storage and management. 

Oracle: Optimize your data management with Oracle's industry-leading database solutions for enhanced performance and reliability. 

Data Engineering

Dbt (Data Build Tool): Streamline your data transformation workflows with Dbt, enabling automated and version-controlled data pipelines for efficient data engineering processes. 

Informatica: Harness the power of Informatica's data integration and management platform to streamline data workflows and ensure data quality and consistency. 

Alteryx: Empower your team with Alteryx's self-service analytics platform for data blending, preparation, and advanced analytics capabilities. 

AWS Glue: Leverage AWS Glue for scalable and serverless data integration, transformation, and ETL processes in the cloud. 

Azure Data Factory: Seamlessly orchestrate and automate data workflows with Azure Data Factory, enabling efficient data integration and transformation across hybrid and cloud environments. 

Data Lakes

AWS/Azure Data Lakes: Implement scalable and cost-effective data lake solutions on AWS or Azure, allowing organizations to store and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data. 

Data Warehousing: Design and implement robust data warehousing solutions to centralize and manage your organization's data for easy access and analysis. 

Data Modelling: Utilize advanced data modeling techniques to design efficient data schemas and structures that support business intelligence and analytics initiatives.

With our expertise in data engineering and analytics, Digital Crafters empowers businesses to unlock the true value of their data, driving informed decision-making, and fostering growth and innovation. Contact us today to embark on your data journey!

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What Our Customer Says

"Digital Crafters Team was very professionals and efficient through out the entire process. Not only was she able to deliver the promises she made in the allotted time frame, but also was flexible when we had more to add to the project and accommodate our requests. She is very knowledgeable and capable in her field and I would recommend her to anyone who needed her services."

Tybee Theriault

"Digital Crafters and his team were fantastic to work with. They adapted to our technical needs, helped us determine which steps to take first, and were clear in their billing and hours. They do great work and are responsive."

Eric Champnella

Global Hiring LLC

"I can not say enough good things about Jatin.  He was an absolute pleasure to work with, his developer skills are top notch, and he goes above and beyond to help you implement your vision for your project.  He built me a site that is even better and more robust than I first envisioned it when I started this process.  I highly recommend Jatin and will definitely use him again in the future."

Christopher Turori

United States

"Digital Crafters and teams was a pleasure to work with! His knowledge of WordPress, HTML, and CSS was exactly what we needed for this project. He was very communicative, kept the project moving on schedule (and even ahead of schedule), he took feedback well and was able to implement it with little intervention, and he was always willing to meet to discuss project details if I felt it was necessary. I will definitely be working with Jay for future projects!"

Christopher Turori

United States

""Digital Crafters and teams did a great job for us with our Shopify Plus store. She resolved the initial problem we hired her for in a timely manner. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her."


United States

"Jatin was local to Southern California and we met on several occasions to discuss the project. Jatin communicated well and was a pleasure to work with. My project was for an iOS app that connected to my Shopify website. The project completed successfully and looking to continue using Jatin's services on future projects."

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