Is NativeScript Angular a Boon for App Development?

October 6, 2021

NativeScript, in collaboration with Google’s Angular ensures that integration between these two delivers a rich and seamless experience to the users. If you are already proficient with Angular, you can do wonders with native mobile apps by using NativeScript. With this amazing combination of Angular and NativeScript, a single code base can be achieved which can be used in web apps and native mobile apps with exceptional performance, seamless animations and a total access to the native platform APIs. 

Combining Angular with NativeScript

You can use the functionality of NativeScript in Angular by using the below command – 

$ tns create my-angular-app –ng

To start a new project, this command line can be given at the end of the terminal. This will create a project in NativeScript with all the required Angular files, folders and settings to launch. The projects of Angular uses TypeScript by default but NativeScript is capable of integrating all the setup and configurations of TypeScript. 

Typically, NativeScript Angular refers to creating native mobile apps with Angular Native. To get started with the basics of Angular Native, you don’t need to learn a new framework, you are only required to create an attractive cross-platform for your libraries on Cocoapods and npm. By using these native platform APIs with TypeScript and JavaScript which frees you from writing a single line of code in Objective – C or Java/Swift ever. 

Benefits of Using NativeScript

  • Native Performance:

    The most key benefit of NativeScript is that it provides hassle-free, easy to access, Native UI, that too without any WebViews. You just need to define once, the NativeScript will automatically adapt and execute itself everywhere. You can also customize the UI to specific device resolutions. 

  • Fully Extensible:

    NativeScript allows full access to Android and iOS APIs. It also supports in the form of free templates, plugins and application samples in the marketplace. You can also reuse Cocoapods and Android SDKs without any hassle. 

  • Easy to Adapt:

    It is very simple to adapt and you can make use of your existing web skillset to develop native applications with CSS, JavaScript and Native UI. 

  • Cross-platform Application:

    You don’t need to create different codebases for Android and iOS. The same codebase can be used in deploying a native mobile app for both the platforms. You can also use Vue or Angular to share the existing web-based code. 

  • Strong Support:

    The founding organization is just impeccable in supporting the software developers. They also provide enterprise-level support for complicated projects. 

  • Open Source:

    NativeScript is totally free and open-source with an Apache 2 license.  

Why Use Angular with NativeScript?

  • Robust Framework:

    Angular provides all the necessary infrastructure to build high quality and stable NativeScript applications. You can remodel the concepts of Angular like dependency injection, data binding, services and routing to build native applications. 

  • Code and Skill Reuse:

    You can use TypeScript and Angular to build apps for iOS and Android using NativeScript. You can also reuse other elements like JavaScript npm modules, native iOS CocoaPod and Android Arsenal libraries in NativeScript. 

  • High Native Performance:

    The NativeScript empowers you to create a robust and complete mobile application with Angular. It also hosts a genuine native UI and gives an exceptional performance. You can get 60fps as a result without getting into the details of JavaScript or CSS. 

  • Big Developer Community:

    The developer community of Angular is already more than 1 million and you can go there for any help related to training, reusable code which can be directly applied to NativeScript projects. This makes the NativeScript a simple choice for Angular developers with regards to native mobile apps. 

If you use Angular along with NativeScript, you can develop and get no-compromise mobile apps. This is easily possible when you mix and match the features of AngularJS native UI. This can also be personalized and set with multiple devices and screens. Angular provides all the necessary features including plumbing and creating high maintainable and high quality NativeScript applications. It also allows you to reuse several Angular native concepts like routing, data binding and dependency injection to develop native mobile apps. 


To complete a cross-platform development project, you need to make sure that the native user experience is optimum. It is challenging to bring together the strength and power of Angular and NativeScript. For this, the latest version of AngularJS has made it usable and works even outside the web browser. The NativeScript developers have teamed up with google developers for the seamless functioning of NativeScript with Angular. 

Additionally, AngularJS follows a structured path to create a JavaScript app. It offers a better way to load views and pieces of code into the application productively. As a result, this requires fewer issues, fewer comprehension demands, cleaner codes and less composition. It also comes with several other features like view orchestration, routing, dependency injections, animations and others.

If you want to acquire a native UI, you can simply go for the mix of AngularJS and NativeScript. This will help you with a mobile application that is developed for both Android and iOS in a very less amount of time. 

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