How to Optimize your E-commerce Store for Voice Search?

Voice Search is an upsurge to the future of E-commerce and moving ahead it will be the new normal for everyone across the globe.

If you own an E-commerce store, it is very important to be as visible as you can in the results of search engines. The higher your rank is, there are more chances for you to drive considerable organic traffic to your store. You must remember that there will be people who are already interested in the type of products you sell. With the advancements in technology, the search is taking many different forms and the one getting most popular is the voice search.

What Does Voice Search Mean?

It is a feature in which the user gives a voice command and on the basis of references to the voice command, it searches over the internet and finds the relevant product, website or app. In technical terms, it involves open domain keyword queries on any kind of information on the internet. This search is interactive and includes continual refinement by asking for clarification. The search can be done with any device which takes voice as input. The ways in which voice searches can be activated are –

  • Click on the voice command icon.
  • Call out the name of the virtual assistant device you use.
  • Click on the Home button or gesture on the User Interface.

It was stated by Google that every 5th search made on a mobile device is made by voice and the number of voice searches is only going to increase by the end of 2021. The audio searches in the future will be more natural, engaging and more vocal. The market is hit by a lot of voice assistant devices with which the voice tech is getting more natural and advanced. The popular voice assistants are Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Windows 10 Cortana, Apple Siri and more. During the outbreak of the coronavirus, the users of voice assistants have increased from 46% to 52% and this trend will see a significant increase in upcoming years in the E-commerce industry.

Voice Search Changed the Traditional way of Searching

There are many different ways a customer can search through voice when compared to the traditional search. If a customer wants to buy a pair of Reebok shoes, then in traditional search he/she would simply write a phase “Reebok Shoes”. However, in voice search, the phrase gets more conversational like “Hey Google, from where can I purchase a pair of Reebok shoes?” or “Hey Google, I want to buy Reebok shoes”. One can even enquire about the weather like “Ok Google, how is the weather today” "Ok Google, how about the weather this weekend".

As per the PPC report, there are high chances that user will search their questions through voice and hence the E-commerce store owners should consider voice search to be a top-funnel activity.

Strategies you can Adopt to Optimize your E-commerce Store for Voice Search

If a customer is searching for a product or service that you are offering, then you should know what changes you have to follow if you want to be discoverable. First of all, you should be following all the Search Engine Optimization techniques and provide an engaging user experience. Even voice search is ultimately a search and if your website appears in search engine result pages (SERP), then you have higher chances of being found by the users. Following are some of the strategies that you can adopt for your online store –

  • Optimize for Questions:

    The majority of the voice searches come in the form of questions instead of phrases. Instead of saying “Shoe stores in California”, the user might ask “Where is the nearest shoe store?” or “Tell me the best shoe stores in California”. You should structure your content after keeping this thing in mind so that it answers your customer’s questions instead of just inserting the phrases and keywords. The trigger words should be paid attention to for the best results like “What”, “How”, “Best” and more.

  • Aim for Featured Snippets:

    The E-commerce store owner should aim for obtaining the “Position Zero” or the featured snippet on the search results page and this will be a game-changer in a voice-search dominated world. For Google, a snippet is the zero result and its place is on the top of any other search result in a query. So, if there is a snippet for a voice search query, the website and the content will be read back to the users by Siri and Google Assistant. You can optimize your content for featured snippets by answering and restating the question briefly on the target page and make sure the most relevant keywords are incorporated in the title, page URL and H1 tag.

  • Use Natural Language:

    In voice search, it is assumed that users enter a query in a similar way in which they speak in real life. Even Google supports this fact and states that more than 70% of the requests to the Google Assistant are asserted in natural language and does not involve typical keywords people use when typing in a web search. The key will be to focus on long-tail keywords as in voice search people look for specific information and enter longer queries. You need to identify the conversational search queries and brainstorm the phrases and keywords that your prospective customers are likely to enter.

  • Optimize for Local Search:

    If you are into the local markets, voice search must be used to get in front of customers who are looking for a similar product in their city. The local retailers need to create web content that covers everything about their product or service. It is very important for the local retailers to answer localized search queries with targeted long-tail keywords. You can also create store locator pages that can increase the ranking for localized search.

Final Words

Voice search is not just a trending piece of technology, it is becoming a part of the daily lives of consumers and totally changing the way people used smart devices and search engines. If you want to keep up with the consumers and their voice search queries, this is the right time to kickstart it. Optimize your E-commerce store with the above-mentioned strategies and keep testing them to obtain the top spot in SERPs.

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